The Walla Walla Friends of Acoustic Music is an organization which supports and promotes acoustic music in many forms; folk, traditional fiddling styles, jazz, chamber music, string band music, Irish, Scottish, bluegrass and many others.

Membership: Membership in various categories are available (see form below). Members receive the newsletter and a discount on ticket prices to concerts.

Memberships start Septemeber 1 and go through August 31. You can join anytime, but its better to join in September.


Name _____________________________________________Phone_____________________



Type of membership: Single_____$9.00 per year Family___$15.00 per year

Supporting____$30.00 per year, includes 1 FREE adult admission per event during the year.

Sustaining___$50.00 per year, includes FREE FAMILY admission to all events.

If you are willing to help put up posters for events, check here:___

Mail this form to: Trudy Ostby, 84847 Winesap Rd., Milton-Freewater, OR 97862

Questions, write to: Howard Ostby 84947 Winesap Rd. Milton-Freewater, OR 97862 Phone: 541-938-7403

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