Link to Dan Clark’s Pandemic Contra!


Article in the Union – Bulletin about Pandemic Contra Dancing

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and precautions, all events are postponed.

Take care and hope to see you sometime in 2021!

Schedule of Events

Contra Dance Photo Project (what is Contra Dancing?)

Dance Weekend (Saturday) Video on YouTube!

Friday night dance weekend on YouTube

What is Contra Dancing / Who Are We?


Who are the local acoustic bands? 

Some Historical Notes by Dan Clark   

Weston Mountain Zia by Dan Clark

We are proud of our local musicians' music:

Download music here
Allow about 3 minutes to download file.

Other Interesting Links for Folk Music include:

Three Rivers Folk Life Society (Tri-Cities)

Country Dance and Song Society

Palouse Folklore Society (Pullman/Moscow)

Puget Sound Zydeco Dance Camp

Acoustic Music Scene

Northeast Oregon Folklore Society

Friends of Acoustic Music is located in the Walla Walla Valley in Washington State

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