Wondering who those acoustic music groups are?

Here's a listing of some local bands

·  Wednesday Night Band

Contra dance band which plays for WWFAM dances and has also performed on Main Street in Walla Walla and at dances and parties in Pendleton, La Grande, and Tri-Cities. Members: Malinda Pankl, fiddle; Trudy Ostby, fiddle; Terri Trick, piano; Clark Colahan, whistle and wooden flute; Mary Ann Gilpatrick, guitar. Contacts: Trudy Ostby, 541-938-7403; Terri Trick, 509-529-7356

·  Ryegrass String Band

Bluegrass band which has been performing in the area for 20 years. Members are: Glenn Morrison, bass and vocals; Jon St. Hilaire, guitar and vocals; Jerry Yokel, mandolin and fiddle; Trudy Ostby, fiddle; and Bruce DeLeonard, banjo and vocals. Contacts: Trudy Ostby, 541-938-7403; Jon St. Hilaire, 509-522-0168

·  Bards of the Moor

Traditional Irish band which has performed at concerts, weddings, parties, and dances in the area for 10 years. Members are: Jon St. Hilaire, guitar; Jerry Yokel, mandolin, banjo and fiddle; Trudy Ostby, fiddle; Julie Yokel, vocals and bodhran. Contact: Jerry and Julie Yokel, 509-525-2506 or Trudy Ostby, 541-938-7403

·  The Reel Fling

Traditional Scottish band which performs at the Athena Caledonian Games, for weddings, concerts and parties. Members are: Malinda Pankl, fiddle; Kevin Stauffer, guitar; Trudy Ostby, fiddle.

The Reel Fling Releases "Scot's Bounty"!
Local Scottish band, The Reel Fling, has a new CD out, called Scot's Bounty.
Most of the tunes, performed by Malinda Pankl, violin, Kevin Stauffer, guitar, and Trudy Ostby, violin are originals by Pankl.
Contact: Malinda Pankl, 509-525-5056

·  The Blarneycats

Traditional Irish band which has performed at dances, weddings and parties for several years. Members are: Larry Dickerson, accordion, concertina, mandolin, mandola, whistle, flute; Jon St. Hilaire, guitar; Trudy St. Hilaire, fiddle (541-938-7403) and Laura Hall (509)525-4555, cell is (509)301-9360 , bodhran, bones and vocals. Contact: Larry Dickerson 509-525-6570

·  Kevin Stauffer and Friends

Performs a variety of soft rock, folk and pops music with vocal harmonies. The band has performed on Walla Walla's Main Street series and the Walla Walla Farmer's Market. Members are: Kevin Stauffer, guitar; Wendy Peterson, piano and vocals; Sally Schafer, vocals and guitar; Bob Schafer, bass; Howard Ostby, drum and percussion; Trudy Ostby, fiddle. Contact: Kevin Stauffer, 509-529-0199

·  Feels Like Home

Performs folk and soft rock music. The band has performed at Walla Walla's Farmer's Market and at parties and area events such as the Waitsburg Chili Cookoff. Members are: Mike Johnson, guitar and vocals; Trudy Ostby, fiddle; Mike Peterson, bass; Howard Ostby, drum; Louis Valiente, percussion. Contact: Mike Johnson at Walla Walla Senior Center, 509-527-3775.

·  Jon St. Hilaire and Trudy Ostby

A guitar and fiddle duo performing original and traditional music of different styles, including Irish, bluegrass, swing and jazz. Contacts: Trudy Ostby, 541-938-7403 or Jon St. Hilaire, 509-522-0168

·  Condor Conspiracy

Performs traditional music from the Andes in South America. The band has performed at concerts, coffeehouses, etc. in the area for several years. Members: Clark Colahan, pan pipes and vocals; Larry Dickerson, Charango; Victor Trejo, guitar and vocals; Trudy Ostby, violin; Howard Ostby, drum. Contact: Clark Colahan, 541-938-2035.

Lary Dickerson, fiddle, Irish flute, whistle, mandolin, mandola, bouzouki, concertina, accordion, uillean pipes; Jon St. Hilaire, guitar; Jerry Yokel, mandolin, banjo, fiddle Joe Corvino, bouzouki, bodhran, vocals.

Contacts: Larry email: lwdickerson@velocitus.net, 525-6570; or Joe email: corvinojm@aya.yale.edu, 529-8567.

·  Swing Set

Trudy Ostby, violin; Phil Lynch, 8 string guitar and vocals; Jon St. Hilaire, guitar and vocals; Howard Ostby, conga and vocals; Jerry Yokel, mandolin, harmonica and vocals; Laura Hall, percussion and vocals. We are a "string swing" band, playing Gypsy Swing, Texas Swing, Jazz Standards, some songs in other languages, Latin tunes, Dawg Music (or "New Acoustic"). This is great dance music for any age group.

Contact numbers: Laura Hall (
509)525-4555, cell is (509)301-9360/email: lhall615@hotmail.com, Trudy Ostby Trudy and Howard Ostby: ostby@bmi.net (541)938-7403.

·  Walla Walla Vintage

Walla Walla's Premier "Good Time" Rock & Roll Band. Members: Michael Ponti, Richard Monacelli, and Nancy Monacelli. Playing the songs you know by heart! Website: Walla Walla Vintage.

·  Bing Bang
(...as in "Walla Walla bing bang"...) includes Phil Lynch (playing a resonator guitar), Jerry Yokel (playing a variety of instruments), Laura Hall, and Jon St. Hilaire. Contact: Laura Hall (
509)525-4555, cell is (509)301-9360/email: lhall615@hotmail.com

Local Callers:

        ·  Howard Ostby 541-938-7403.

            ·  Dan Clark 509-522-0399.

         ·  Barbara Clark 509-522-0399.


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